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For the first six hours of my service project, I worked at the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. I did this project with some friends and generally enjoyed working at the store. The people who worked at the Thrift Store were very friendly, and gave us a fair amount of work to do. I enjoyed doing it, and having friends there only made it more enjoyable.

My friend and me had decided we would arrive at the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store at around nine o clock in the morning, because that is when it opens. I arrived at maybe eight fifty, and waited for a little while. I began to become a bit wary of whether or not my friend was coming after some time, but he finally showed up and I breathed a sigh of relief. James Crawford, his brother and I had made it to the Thrift Store. We walked around the surrounding area for a little while, went into a local Value City. We walked around the computer and video game sections for a bit, picking around here and there. Finally, we decided it was time to start volunteering. We walked into the store, and the lady at the counter directed us to the back. A lady there gave us tags and told us to continue on to the backroom. We passed a pitiful stack of computer parts, and then Thomas began getting all excited and I did not know why. James told me that Thomas enjoyed collecting old video game systems. Sure enough, in that little stack of electronics, were three old Nintendo Entertainment Systems. I began to tell him about how I already had one, and how I had so many games for it. Nevertheless, we had no time, for the lady directed us to the back and that was where we should go. As we reached the back end of the storeroom, a lady there handed us nametags and told us to grab a shovel or something of the sort. Our eyes boggled when we saw the amount of stuff lying on the ground. Everything one could imagine, from ties to books, from clothing to toys, was lying on the ground. I looked around the area, found a snow shovel, and grabbed it immediately. I was not about to pick up all those things with my hands. We began to chuck stuff at the dumpster, and then some more of our friends showed up. Andrew Barenado, Mike Bafundo, and Jon Szabo walked through the loading bay door, and it seemed that this service project would not be so bad after all. We all began to goof off and throw stuff into the dumpster, making comments about strange items that we found. We actually began to break things out of boredom. Jon and Andrew found bowling balls, and we began to toss them around, and set up makeshift bowling pins. We then found very old things, a microwave in the woods, and threw things at that. We continued this alternation of working and goofing off for quite a while, until everything was cleaned up.. Many things needed shoveling away into the dumpster, things like toys and games and clothing, and other very odd items. After that, the lady did not really assign us to do much, just to straighten everything up. Therefore, James, Thomas and I took the opportunity to play with the Nintendo. We stumbled upon a television that we thought we could use to play with the Nintendo. James went and grabbed a system, and Thomas and I fiddled with the television. James brought back the system and hooked it up. These televisions were very strange. They were very old, possibly dating back to the early 80s or even late 70s. Well, try as we might, we could not get the Nintendo to work. We tried all three systems and even more than one television, but to no avail. It seemed as though these televisions were not going to work. Then, the lady asked us to rearrange some shelves and replace some old and disused items.